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Groendus has extensive experience completing solar projects for companies. Our knowledge of the supplier market and the associated project risks, allow us to carry out projects, on average, 10% more cost-efficiently than parties doing this on a one-off basis. Would you like to work with us? There’s three ways you can.


100% green energy. 100% self-generated.

Before you can enjoy a roof full of solar panels, there’s quite a lot of work to be done. We have already built 175 MWp of solar installations across the Netherlands and we’re delighted to use our experience to successfully deliver your solar plant.

Choose the method that suits you best


1. Roof rental
Sustainability without the investment.

2. Roof rental + Energy Marketplace
The same as above but with extra benefits.

3. Delegated development
Investing in a solar power plant.

1. Roof rental

With a roof rental partnership, it’s possible to be more sustainable without the need to invest. Groendus finances, completes and operates the solar power plant. Let’s briefly look at how this works.

If you opt for roof rental, Groendus remains the solar plant owner for a period of 16 years. We ensure that the energy generated is fed back into the grid using an extra connection (MLOEA).

Once the contract period is up, you get the option to take over the solar plant, extend the contract with Groendus or remove the panels. What makes this sustainability option interesting for you? You will receive an annual fee in exchange for renting out your roof. This allows you to preserve your business premises without the need for investment and all aspects are taken care of by Groendus.

2. Roof rental + Groendus Energy Marketplace

The second form of cooperation is roof rental + Energy Marketplace. Groendus is the only organisation in the Netherlands to offer this option. This opportunity also requires no investment from your company.

All the roof rental terms above apply but with an added advantage. For an annual licence fee, you gain access to the Groendus Energy Marketplace. This platform allows you to buy energy direct from renewable energy producers on an hourly basis. Shortages are automatically made up with power from the market.

Our platform means you quickly save up to 15% on energy costs. Suppliers and customers trade directly with each other, meaning suppliers make profit and customer prices stay as low as possible. This option offers you financial benefits from day one and substantial purchasing savings.

3. Delegated development

Would you rather generate your own clean energy for personal use? No problem. When you opt for delegated development, you invest in the solar plant yourself. Groendus then develops and builds the solar plant. You're the official owner of the solar power plant from day one and you hold the rights to the SDE subsidy. If you choose this option, you can look forward to worry-free completion of a powerful solar energy plant – good for your energy bill, your sustainable image and for the future.

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