Management and maintenance

You can rely on Groendus for monitoring, managing and optimising clean energy from solar roof to batteries. Your power plant is in good hands.

Management and maintenance

Reliable results start with good maintenance

Being sustainable is increasingly the norm for many organisations. More and more companies are switching to renewable energy. This is where Groendus, an entirely green energy supplier, comes in. The demand for reliable maintenance services is growing in tandem with the considerable number of large solar power plants being built in the Netherlands. As a rule, solar power plants require little upkeep, however this does not mean it can be forgotten altogether. Corrective and preventative solar plant maintenance takes place on site. We proactively contact you regarding the prompt handling of any issues before you’re even aware of them yourself. Take maintenance into your own hands and take preventative measures, like using products such as our Waste Alert and the My.Groendus app.

Hassle-free clean energy

1. Effective and smart management for optimum returns.

2. Cleaning and maintenance at regular intervals.

3. Access to comprehensive administration and reports.

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Ensuring sustainable returns

Almost half of all the solar power plants in the Netherlands are underperforming. This has a major impact on the sustainability and financial performance of these projects. The operation and safety of many solar plants is not sufficiently monitored, which is a great shame and a cause for concern. By allowing this to happen, the sun’s energy is wasted and the risk of critical damage to this vital technology is increased.

Batteries also require monitoring - every hour that an installation suffers a fault, valuable clean energy is lost. Our Asset Management team has the technical knowledge and the scale to manage renewable energy projects effectively and efficiently. This is how we guarantee sustainable returns.


Remote and on site

We collect the necessary data from the projects in our central database and detect any anomalies immediately. We take swift action and analyse the plant's technical operation in detail.

Project administration

Enjoy clean energy without the worry

Your My.Groendus platform gives you round the clock access to vital documents and details. This allows us to effectively manage all installations and means you can relax and enjoy your clean energy.


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