Smart management

Smart and sustainable energy management starts with the key insights provided by metering services. Our Meetbedrijf provides accurate energy consumption data.

Smart technology and rapid analysis offer you key insights into your energy consumption and provides immediate clarity on where savings can be made. We’ll help you purchase strategically, and you can leave all energy administration to us.

Smart management
Comprehensive energy management from a single platform
Smart management
Comprehensive energy management from a single platform

Everything we measure is accessible at My.Groendus. This unique online environment shows you monthly reports, weekly overviews, your energy performance and other influencing factors.

This way, we help you from one platform.

1. Insight
Starting point: data

Key insights begin with accurate data. We interpret the data we collect and present it in a clear and manageable format.

  • Energy metering services
  • Energy monitoring
  • Dashboards & reporting
  • Site benchmarks
Groendus metering services from Het Meetbedrijf
Keep a grip on your energy consumption

As a consumer of business energy, you’re required to use metering equipment and related metering services. Groendus takes care of this for you, ensuring you comply with the necessary laws and regulations. More importantly, we help you turn this requirement into an opportunity.

We accurately measure your energy consumption and share this data with your grid operator, meaning you pay only for the energy you actually use. We go a step further too – we translate the metering data into concrete savings opportunities for your energy consumption. This is both good for sustainability and your energy bill will thank you, too.

We strongly believe you are entitled to fully understand your consumption data and that this should be based on reliable and robust metering records. This is the foundation of a future-proof energy system. Groendus therefore boasts its own in-house metering company: Het Meetbedrijf.

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