EED audit

There’s intense pressure to meet Europe's climate targets. The government has therefore created an additional measure to make companies more sustainable, faster - this is the Energy Efficiency Directive (EED). Let Groendus help you turn this requirement into an opportunity.

EED audit
The EED audit is mandatory, but also presents opportunities for your organisation

If Groendus performs the audit for you, you will:

  • Save time as we will carry out the extensive process for you.
  • Know which tax schemes and subsidies apply to you.
  • Gain an overview of possible opportunities to become more sustainable and save money & energy.
  • Comply with all necessary regulations.

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What is the EED (EU Energy Efficiency Directive) audit?

This mandatory energy audit takes place every 4 years. Treat it as an opportunity.

The EED audit is a government measure encouraging sustainable business practices. The audit is mandatory for entrepreneurs with an annual turnover of more than €50 million and an annual balance sheet of more than €43 million. (Smaller organisations are required to focus on energy saving).

The EED requires organisations to demonstrate what actions they are taking to save energy. The audit records these activities. The report consists of a review of the energy streams within your organisation and an overview of possible energy-saving measures for the next four years. Every 4 years, your organisation is subject to a fresh audit. The audit outcome must be reported to the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (Rijksdienst voor Ondernemend Nederland - RVO).

Savings and sustainability opportunities

The audit raises the awareness of sustainability and identifies possible savings and sustainability opportunities. It means that you know exactly where your company stands on sustainability and what your next steps need to be. In addition, subsidies and tax schemes are often available once your company has implemented the follow-up steps set out in the audit.

Save precious time

Many entrepreneurs entirely outsource the EED audit as it is a time-consuming task. Groendus has extensive experience in this area and can complete the audit with your team in a short period of time. From inspection to filing the report and implementing new savings opportunities, your audit is in reliable hands at Groendus.

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