Metering services

Our metering solutions give you clarity, meaning you save energy. We offer a comprehensive range of meters, from main meters to sub and intermediate meters for both electricity and gas. We transform the data collected by these meters into clear insights and intelligent improvements.

Metering services

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1. Smart, reliable energy meters

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Clarity from meters

Reliable readings

Accurately recorded and detailed energy usage is essential when considering future-proof energy management. Groendus installs or replaces your energy meters free of charge. We offer smart meters that generate reliable metering data.

Energy meter reading

A clear picture of your energy consumption

A wide variety of energy meters exist on the market. We install smart main, sub and intermediate meters for electricity and gas. We read all smart meters remotely and store data in a straightforward format. We share this data with your grid operator meaning you only pay for the energy you actually use. And we take it a step further – we translate the metering data into concrete energy saving opportunities. This is both good for sustainability and your energy bill will thank you too.

Energy consumption per site

Intermediate meters provide a clearer snapshot

Do you need to understand your energy consumption per site or even per room? Then our intermediate meters are the solution for you. Suitable for both gas and electricity.

Metering data in My.Groendus

Smart meters for smart comparisons

Your energy consumption is recorded in My.Groendus. This is your personal online environment and it’s where you’ll see an overview of all electricity consumed. This allows you to analyse your energy consumption in detail and make comparisons over time or per site. Artificial intelligence immediately highlights any savings opportunities.

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Groendus metering services by Het Meetbedrijf

Robust and reliable

We strongly believe you are entitled to know how much energy you consume and that you should have access to robust and reliable metering data. This is the foundation of a future-proof energy system and that’s why at Groendus, we have our own in-house metering company.

Het Meetbedrijf is a Groendus division and provides metering services in line with the ‘Metering Code of Conduct’ set out by the Authority Consumer & Market (ACM). Het Meetbedrijf is ISO certified and certified by TenneT.

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Working together towards 100% clean energy

Take a sustainable leap forward with our metering services:

  • Receive accurate and reliable consumption data.
  • Get clarity on savings opportunities.
  • Benefit from advice on how to turn those opportunities into action.
  • Never worry again about metering system maintenance.

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