Purchasing strategy

The energy market is complex and changes rapidly. Groendus energy experts and our substantial experience in this market means we can help your organisation define a purchasing strategy. Our platform provides much needed clarity when it comes to the market situation and your purchasing position. With us by your side, you’ll purchase at just the right moment.

Purchasing strategy

Tailor-made strategy

Tailor-made strategy

Tailor-made strategy

We design custom procurement strategies and offer purchasing assistance where you need it most. We closely monitor market rates, available clean energy and imbalances on the grid. If the right time to buy presents itself, we're ready to take advantage - either immediately on your behalf or upon consultation. This helps you get to grips with the market and your position and means you make more informed choices.

Energy purchasing with My.Groendus

1. Buy at just the right moment.

2. Stay informed of the latest market developments.

3. Optimum alignment across multiple sites.

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Intelligent purchasing

Groendus purchases energy for a wide range of organisations. We buy according to an intelligent purchasing strategy tailored to your organisation. Energy prices change by the hour and are hard to predict. However, if you make intelligent choices about when to purchase, this offers great opportunity. The right moment to buy is different for everyone.

Comprehensive analysis

Several factors come into play when deciding on a purchasing strategy. Based on a comprehensive analysis, Groendus helps you determine a clear course of action. We analyse current market rates, available clean energy and grid imbalances. Above all, we work off your data. That’s called looking ahead and acting now.

Market data

At Groendus, we know better than most how important it is to keep up with the latest information regarding the energy market. Our platform provides market clarity and your purchasing position. Is your company spread across multiple locations? If so, a robust market strategy will be vital for optimum coordination across sites.

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Access to your own data-driven platform

Benefit from our tailor-made My.Groendus platform, which gives you a clear picture of your journey to 100% clean energy. Our data-driven platform acts as your personal guide to a sustainable future. Interested? Switch your business to Groendus.


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