Groendus Energy Control

The energy market is evolving at lightning speed and sustainability goals are becoming increasingly urgent. We now need intelligent and flexible control of energy like never before. Saving energy is a hot topic and there’s an increasing focus on simultaneity. This aspect of energy management lets you pair up energy supply and demand and ensures your energy is truly green.

Groendus Energy Control lets you manage your energy requirements sustainably, smartly and cost-effectively.

Groendus Energy Control
Set a course for cheaper and more sustainable energy

What is Groendus Energy Control?

Groendus Energy Control enables companies to seamlessly coordinate energy procurement. Our platform uses the latest Internet of Things (IoT) technology. It channels energy from devices that consume energy, such as electric cars. And also energy from devices that generate and store energy, such as solar panels, batteries and charging stations. Our system takes into account a range of parameters such as the amount of clean energy available and the daily electricity tariffs. As a result, organisations are able to be greener and to gain deep insight and control over their energy usage and costs.

Intrigued how this works in reality? And whether it could be a fit for your organisation?* Schedule a call with one of our experts. We’ll talk you through the options and answer any specific questions you have. We can also share customer success stories with you to really get your imagination going.

*Smart energy management isn’t just of interest if you have a large solar plant and battery. This method is also lucrative even if you only have one charging point. And it will make a substantial green contribution to your sustainability strategy, too. Energy-intensive devices, such as thermal cooling plants and cold stores are also viable options suitable for optimal management.

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Energy optimisation

Groendus Energy Control offers real-time and in-depth insights and solutions to optimise energy flows sustainably, smartly and proactively.

Energy optimisation


The platform provides real-time and historical insight into energy consumption and production. Our energy monitoring will also help you discover your energy saving potential and sustainability opportunities.


Our platform cleverly optimises energy consumption based on the time of day, electricity tariff, connection capacity and the availability of renewable energy. By taking all these aspects into account, it optimises your usage according to market data and the electricity grid (think grid congestion, imbalances, etc.).


The platform intelligently controls devices such as batteries, electric vehicles, charging points, solar panels, fridge-freezers, etc. This increases simultaneity. Any green energy generated that is not used is held in reserve for when the sun doesn't shine and the wind has died down.

Big data

The platform offers data solutions that can be integrated with big data analytics services.

Energy optimisation

Platform Components

The platform hardware, software and interface are seamlessly aligned and are attuned to our customers.

Platform Components

Bidirectional IoT connectivity

Bidirectional IoT connections collect energy data and control energy devices (hardware).

Cloud platform

The cloud platform stores data, and algorithms take care of management (the software).

Web Portal

The platform has a user-friendly web portal for management and configuration (the interface).

Platform Components


Data security is vital. We have taken the necessary steps to safeguard Groendus Energy Control.



This year, Groendus became ISO27001 certified. This is the standard for data security.

Data communications

All communication is secure and encrypted. A processing agreement has been reached between Groendus and customers (the 'Data Processing Agreement').

Data storage

Data is stored in Microsoft Azure, Western Europe (Amsterdam).

Data protection

The platform uses role-based authentication for secure access to portals and apps. Security is featured across all interfaces and follows a hierarchical Tree data structure. The Tree structure and roles can be fully customised to customer requirements and authorisation levels.


Is energy management something my organisation should consider?

Groendus Energy Control is used for a variety of purposes by many different organisations. Review its main applications below and get in touch for more information.

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Heine van Wieren

Heine van Wieren

Heine van Wieren

Heine van Wieren has a valuable background in the utility and energy sector. He specialises in identifying and translating business needs into ICT solutions. Heine spearheaded the development of Groendus Energy Control. His goal? To ensure that the platform plays a leading role in making businesses in the Netherlands more sustainable.