The Groendus Energy Marketplace

Blaze the trail and become more sustainable. The Energy Marketplace helps you to cleverly achieve both these objectives. Our platform facilitates direct and local trade in renewable energy. Being part of the Energy Marketplace means you automatically purchase from renewable energy suppliers, ensuring your electricity really is clean solar and wind energy.

The Groendus Energy Marketplace
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More green electricity at lower prices
A transparent energy market

Airbnb transformed the hotel industry. The mobility sector has not been the same since the rise of Uber. Now it’s our turn to shake up the energy market! Groendus Energy Marketplace is a fully automated online trading platform where renewable energy supply and demand meet. We’ve got the answer to the challenges posed by the energy transition.

Electricity offered on our platform is locally and sustainably generated, so you can be sure that the power you use is truly green. If there’s no renewable solar or wind energy available, we’ll automatically supply you with grey energy. We’ll be honest exactly how much green and grey power you're using and armed with this information, we can take steps together to maximise your green electricity consumption.

Benefitting the planet and your wallet.

3 easy steps at the Energy Marketplace
Joining the Energy Marketplace is quick and easy

Being part of the Energy Marketplace means you automatically purchase from renewable energy suppliers in your local area. If there's no solar or wind energy being generated, you’ll automatically receive energy from the wholesale energy market.

Step 1: Join us
Receive a tailor-made proposal

You’ll receive a tailor-made proposal explaining in detail how the Energy Marketplace works. We’ll prepare a business case for you based on a simulation using your own metering data. Once you're happy, we’ll prepare a user account and enter your energy requirements.

Step 2: Find the perfect match
We’ll pair you based on simultaneity

Using our intelligent algorithms, the Energy Marketplace matches your organisation's energy requirements with one or more of our suppliers. We look for pairings with the highest possible simultaneity score and then you choose which pairing works for you. We automatically record all exchange agreements in a contract.

Step 3: Buy clean and green
Truly green energy that’s direct and local

Once we've dotted the i's and crossed the t’s, supply begins. You’ll receive instant insights into real-time simultaneity. We’ll take care of the financial administration and invoicing required and automatically pay supplier invoices from your trading credit.

The Groendus Energy Marketplace
Where renewable energy supply and demand meet

1. The path to truly clean energy

2. Buy and sell energy on our online trading platform

3. Independent from traditional energy suppliers

On the path to 100% clean energy
Grey energy sold as green energy. No way!

Of all the electricity consumed in the Netherlands, more than half is now sold as green power, whereas we only generate a quarter. Whether or not you call this greenwashing, the bottom line is that grey energy is being wrongly sold as green energy due to the international trade of Guarantees of Origin (GOs). The Energy Marketplace is offering a solution to this problem.

Together with our customers, we’re transforming the energy market from demand-driven (fossil fuels) to supply-driven energy (renewable). We’re doing this by:

1. Encouraging simultaneity
You buy energy as and when it is produced. The higher the simultaneity score between parties, the greener the power. When this works on a local scale, we’re also solving another key issue – grid overload.

2. Making optimal use of clean energy
Gain insight into your green and grey energy consumption and how to align your energy requirements to green energy availability. This is the sustainable way to do things and it also saves you money.

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