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We’re in the middle of a transition from a centralised fossil energy system to a decentralised renewable energy system. Increasingly, there are times when there is either far too much or far too little energy available.

Storing energy therefore represents a key step towards 100% clean energy. We need green energy to be available even when the sun doesn’t shine, or the wind dies down.

Groendus Batteries
Why store energy in batteries?
The best use of clean energy

Fossil fuels allow you to generate energy as and when it’s needed. Renewable energy generation is more complex to control. It’s not up to us when the sun shines or how hard the wind blows. For this reason, we need to move towards an energy system which uses energy right when it’s created. If there’s a surplus of sustainably generated energy, then we must store it for use at a later date. Storage makes it possible to use stored solar energy generated during the day, at night, and means we can continue to benefit from wind energy even after the wind drops.

Balancing supply and demand
Battery systems store generated energy and balance out the supply and demand of renewable energy. Previously generated power can be used when your energy demands outstrip supply. There are a wide variety of batteries and many different applications. We offer the option to buy or rent batteries and Groendus helps you make a suitable and cost-effective decision.

Less waiting, more trailblazing
Getting to know each other is half the job

We start with an introductory meeting. We visit you on site and go through all the requirements, options and the process involved. Batteries can be used in many ways, so we determine whether your focus is more on sustainability or on financial returns. We also consider the use of batteries for limited grid connections, back-up power or as emergency on-site power. Together, we’ll find the perfect solution for you.

Advice & guidance
Getting started with energy storage

Groendus offers advice and guidance on battery integration. We focus on batteries between 0.5MW and 10MW. We calculate what the battery will generate and list out the technical preconditions. A battery solution can get to work right from the moment you place a 10ft container on your site and connect it to a transformer. If you require permits and permission from all parties involved, we’ll take care of that too.

A variety of financing options

We’ll draw up a business case based on the technical specifications, grid connection and the battery application. You then choose whether to make the investment yourself or let Groendus take care of the financing. Once the finance is in place, we’ll get to work!

Battery installation

It’s time to get stuck in. Safe execution of the work required, and coordination of all stakeholders involved is essential. Stakeholders include suppliers, installers, the insurance company, and you - the customer. We make sure that the battery poses no risks, i.e. installation causes minimal (or no) disruption to your organisation.

The realisation and delivery of this innovative form of energy storage is a great moment to be celebrated. With your help, we arrange an official opening and invite guests and the local press. We make sure we take some beautiful images for you to share far and wide.

Operation & management
Preventing wasted energy

Upon completion and connection to the grid, the battery will be actively managed. We ensure that all aspects run smoothly and that you have access to all information. Working alongside our partners, we ensure that the battery performs optimally. We monitor charging and discharging and take care of battery maintenance. After all, issues and anomalies are missed opportunities, so we work to fix any problems as quickly as possible. Your My.Groendus dashboard displays every aspect of your battery’s performance.

There are multiple ways to work with us

Collaboration with Groendus is possible in several ways and we’re happy to support you with all your battery projects. However, we also offer you the option to let Groendus manage it all for you - planning, financing, installation and management. Energy storage without investment is within your reach. Let’s work together!

Let's work together!
Flick the switch with Groendus
Access to your own data-driven platform

Benefit from our tailor-made My.Groendus platform, which gives you a clear picture of your journey to 100% clean energy. Our data-driven platform acts as your personal guide to a sustainable future. Interested? Flick the switch with Groendus.

The benefits of Groendus battery storage
Less waiting, more trailblazing

1. Unlimited access to 100% clean energy.

2. Groendus is always on hand to offer help and advice.

3. Together, we ensure a profitable business case.

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