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Simultaneous green energy via our Energy Marketplace. Profit now!

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A future-proof energy system

Times are changing. We are embracing sustainability on all fronts. To do this, we need clean, CO2-free, affordable energy. Energy generated by the sun and wind, for example. Sadly, the sun doesn’t always shine and the wind isn’t always constant, so we need some clever solutions to help us.

Smart solutions from Groendus are the answer.

Flexibility as standard

We’re tackling energy differently as we move forward. We've moved away from producing grey energy whenever it suits, to consuming green energy at those times when we can generate it sustainably. Smart organisations are those that adjust operations to use energy when it is cheap and available. Flexibility therefore becomes the starting point.

How can I put this into practice? With our integrated energy solutions.

Flexibility as standard

Our integrated solution is made up of three parts, meaning we can make any organisation’s energy management more sustainable. Achieve your green ambitions while saving money. This really is a solution with an attractive return.

Smart. Simple. Green.

Energy generation, storage & charging

Generate your own green electricity with solar panels. Use high-capacity batteries to store energy for when the sun doesn’t shine. Make your fleet more sustainable with electric charging solutions. We look beyond your electricity meter when making your energy management more sustainable. And don’t worry, every step you take will be commercially viable, too. Once your business steps away from the grid and the fossil fuel market, you’ll find you're fully in control.

    Insights & management

    Make the most of cheap and available energy by leveraging insight. When you measure and analyse what you consume, you know when you’re in short supply or when you’ve got energy surplus on your hands. Groendus insights and our energy management system’s algorithms automatically match your electricity consumption to a sustainable energy supply. This is what we call smart energy management with simultaneity - talk about sustainable and lucrative!

      Sustainable procurement

      If there's an energy demand you can’t meet through energy generation or storage, you’ve still got the option to purchase truly green energy. The Groendus Energy Marketplace is the place to go. Here, renewable energy producers and buyers trade direct in solar and wind energy. Matches are based on simultaneity and proximity. Once you’re matched, both parties agree a fair price that works for everyone.

      If there’s no renewable solar or wind energy available, we automatically supply you with grey energy. We’re open and honest about much green and grey energy you’re using so that armed with this information, we can take steps together to maximise your green electricity consumption cost-effectively.

        A single integrated solution

        Our three ingredients for a successful sustainable energy system. Groendus is the one-stop-shop energy partner where all three solutions are integrated seamlessly. Our innovative energy solutions help you make the most of affordable and sustainable energy. When you work with Groendus, you're ready for the energy system of the future!

        Het energiebedrijf van de toekomst
        Energy Company 2.0

        Groendus helps businesses optimise their energy management and make it more sustainable - by saving energy, generating energy themselves and consuming energy intelligently. We look far beyond the electricity meter. But for the energy transition to succeed, we need to do more. That’s why we’re also building a future-proof energy system. Together with customers, we’re creating a new energy network.

        We consider more than just each individual company - instead, we optimise energy generation and consumption across entire business locations, supply chains and stakeholders. Because when one company is short of energy, another may have a surplus. We distribute available energy as efficiently as possible, so that our renewable sources are used to their best advantage.

        This is Energy Company 2.0. A bold energy company that keeps an eye on reality as well as our future goals.

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