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€76€74€72€781 year5 years10 years15 yearsAverage pricesfor real-time simultanenity
465.470 kWh

Simultaneous green energy via our Energy Marketplace. Profit now!

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The Groendus Energy Marketplace

The leading trading platform for sustainable energy. Where energy producers and consumers trade direct. Honest rates, honest energy.

The Groendus Energy Marketplace
renewable electricity supplied
average simultaneity
Buy and sell sustainably generated energy direct with local businesses
Greener electricity, lower prices

The energy market reinvented
Airbnb transformed the hotel industry. The transport sector has not been the same since the rise of Uber. And now it’s our turn to shake up the energy market!

Groendus Energy Marketplace is a fully automated online trading platform where renewable energy supply and demand meet. We’ve got the answer to the challenges posed by the energy transition.

Local and sustainable
Electricity offered on our platform is locally and sustainably generated, so you can be sure that the power you use is truly green. If there’s no renewable solar or wind energy available, we’ll automatically supply you with grey energy. You’ll never be without power.

Ever greener
We’re open and honest about much green and grey energy you’re using so that armed with this information, we can take steps to maximise your green electricity consumption. Together we’ll revolutionise the energy market and make it truly sustainable.

The Groendus Energy Marketplace - good for the planet and your wallet!

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The Energy Marketplace means Hedin Automotive can benefit from farmer Jan’s self-generated wind and solar energy.
The Groendus Energy Marketplace
Changing times call for new solutions
From old…
The fossil-fuel market

In the traditional energy system, solar and wind power generators sell power to energy suppliers. Suppliers then sell to customers or trade their energy on the daily market. The market is only accessible to a select few. You pay (through your supplier) an erratic and high price that is determined by ‘the chosen few’.

Does that sound hugely complicated and unnecessarily convoluted? Well, that's exactly what it is. Which is why we have developed a peer-to-peer trading platform: the Groendus Energy Marketplace. Here, energy producers and consumers can trade direct with each other.

… to new!
Green and cost-effective

The Groendus Energy Marketplace is transforming how businesses purchase energy. It is transparent, sustainable, and innovative. The Energy Marketplace is a fully automated trading platform where renewable energy supply and demand meet.

The energy traded on the platform comes from your corporate neighbour's solar panels or the windmill on your nearby farmer’s land. You can rest assured that the power you’re using is truly green. Using our intelligent algorithms, the Energy Marketplace matches your organisation's energy requirements with one or more of our suppliers. The power you use is therefore tailored to your usage.

This is all carried out independent of traditional and expensive energy suppliers, leaving you better off!

It’s a win-win situation.

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Businesses already trading green energy on the Energy Marketplace
Green electricity as and when Deloitte need it
Green electricity as and when Deloitte need it
  • Across several branches in the Netherlands.

  • Direct connection to renewable energy producers.

  • Continuous optimisation based on hourly simultaneity

7 districts purchase local and sustainable energy
7 districts purchase local and sustainable energy
  • The Energy Marketplace as a Dynamic Procurement System

  • In line with the European Procurement Act

  • A brilliant interpretation of the Regional Energy Strategy

Hedin benefits from Jan the farmer’s solar and wind energy
Hedin benefits from Jan the farmer’s solar and wind energy
  • Hedin acts as both an energy supplier and buyer
  • Each of their sites benefits from self-generated solar power
  • 65% simultaneity score thanks to intelligent use of wind and solar

All new: Small consumer connections on the Energy Marketplace

Multi-sites take note!

From 2024, small-scale consumers will be able to trade on the Energy Marketplace alongside wholesale operations. Perfect for multi-sites looking to distribute self-generated energy across multiple sites and bring all procurement under one umbrella.

Interested in purchasing energy more sustainably?

I’ll talk you through all the best ways to achieve your sustainable goals, while also saving money. Together, we’ll put together the perfect solution for your business. Find a time that suits you and we’ll get to work.

Derk Jepma - New Business Developer

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