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We are Groendus

We are the one-stop-shop energy partner for businesses in the Netherlands. With the help of our 5,000+ customers, we're creating a new and future-proof energy system. We’re committed to clean and affordable energy for all. Don’t just plan for a greener future, make it happen today.

We are Groendus
What we do
Clean and affordable energy for all

Sustainability means something different for every organisation, but there's one constant - energy is always needed. Groendus helps businesses optimise their energy management; by saving energy, generating it themselves and consuming energy in an intelligent manner. For every organisation we work with, we draw up a unique roadmap to access clean and affordable energy. We turn your sustainable ambitions into a clear plan with manageable steps.

Smart meters. Solar panels. Charging points. Batteries. These are all part of the energy system of the future. We make sure you have everything you need to generate and access renewable energy for your organisation. Smart energy management gives you key insights and real-time control over your energy usage. And our Energy Marketplace lets you trade energy direct with local businesses.

We seamlessly manage these innovative solutions for your benefit, so that you get to enjoy cheap and sustainable energy. Now that’s smart, profitable, and green, too!

Our vision

Who we are

The energy company of the future

On 1 March 2021, Groendus was born. Although we're the first to admit we’re a young company, we’re certainly no newbies. Groendus was born out of eight specialised companies active across solar business projects, smart metering services, innovative charging solutions, sustainable energy procurement and intelligent energy control. By joining forces, we are forging ahead with the energy transition.

Each day that we work together, we are honing the energy system of the future. This is something we MUST do to keep our planet alive. And it also presents our customers with some brilliant business opportunities. Our extensive knowledge of this sector means we are uniquely positioned to guide businesses in making their energy usage more sustainable in every respect.

Our operations are based in the Creative Valley, just a 1 minute from Utrecht Central Station. Today, the Groendus team is made up of over 250 driven and enthusiastic colleagues who are proud to take our mission to market. Want to take your place in the energy company of the future? See our vacancies.

Work with Groendus

Our investors

The driving force behind Groendus

Two wealthy investors support Groendus with our ambitious long-term vision for the energy transition. Pension provider APG and Canadian OMERS Infrastructure are Groendus’ two champions. They drive us ever forward, improving and expanding our services as we go.


Thanks to pension administrator APG, the government and education pension fund ABP has a 50% stake in Groendus. APG is an active global infrastructure investor, supporting companies working on renewable energy sources and innovative solutions for the energy transition. Jan-Willem Ruisbroek, Head of Infrastructure Investment Strategy at APG, says: "Our investment in Groendus is a rare opportunity to do our bit to accelerate the Dutch energy transition. It offers sound returns, ​​but more than this, it facilitates an acceleration and scale up of the energy transition, while also furthering UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s).”

OMERS Infrastructure

OMERS Infrastructure also holds a 50% stake in Groendus and invests on behalf of OMERS, one of the largest pension funds in Canada. Alastair Hall, Senior Managing Director and Head of Europe at OMERS Infrastructure, says: "Groendus presented an excellent opportunity to invest in an organisation with great growth potential. A company that is making a significant contribution to the energy transition and which is making commercial, industrial, and public organisations more sustainable. Alongside APG, we look forward to playing an active role in the future of the company and advising the leadership team at Groendus on accelerated growth and achieving the ultimate goal; 100% clean energy for all. ”

Our inspiration: The pale blue dot

In 1990, space probe Voyager 1 left our solar system. When it was over 6 billion kilometres away, astronomer Carl Sagan took a picture of Earth from the probe. In his now-famous photograph, Earth is shown as nothing more than a tiny blue dot. Sagan captioned his photograph:

That’s here
That’s home

On it everyone you love
Everyone you know
Everyone you’ve ever heard of

Every human being who ever was

That fragile blue dot inspires Groendus. That’s why the blue dot is our logo.

We must take care of our tiny blue dot. Today, not tomorrow. Let’s not just plan for a greener future, let’s make it happen.

Will you join us?

Our inspiration: The pale blue dot