We are Groendus

We’re the new energy network for businesses in the Netherlands. We’re working towards 100% clean energy and helping other organisations achieve the same goal. Don’t just plan for a greener future, make it happen today.

We are Groendus
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What we do

Everything we do supports our mission - 100% clean energy for every organisation.

Being sustainable is a process that is different for every organisation. We create a custom roadmap towards 100% clean energy for every organisation we work with, so that everyone knows what steps to take. We’ll help with project completion, maintenance and offer the advice you need. We’ve got the answers you need to make your organisation more sustainable.

Less energy waste thanks to smart meters and our Waste Alert. Harness the power of the sun and wind and access energy storage. Gain more control and lower costs through smart management. Purchase sustainable electricity automatically and intelligently from producers in your region - without needing the help of a traditional energy supplier. Find all this and more on the Groendus Energy Marketplace. Groendus also facilitates electricity storage in batteries.

We map your entire energy administration in a clear, data-driven platform called My.Groendus. Smart meters and artificial intelligence provide insight and action and Groendus provides all the services you need for smart, sustainable and affordable energy management. Will you join us?

Our organisation

Get to know us

Groendus was founded by six specialised companies on 1 March 2021. We now help organisations that are serious about sustainability. We offer comprehensive roadmaps to help them work towards 100% clean energy. We operate from Creative Valley, 2 minutes’ walk from Utrecht Central Station. Today, our team consists of over 130 driven and enthusiastic colleagues who are proud to work together on our mission.

Our investors

The driving force behind Groendus

NPM Capital
The driving force behind Groendus is NPM Capital, an investment company. They carry financial clout and a crystal-clear vision of the energy transition, and this has led the organisation to invest in all the right parties. Stephan van Dongen, Investment Director at NPM Capital: "In the coming decades, we must move to a 100% sustainable energy system. We believe that Groendus' integrated approach is the future-proof way to achieve this. The foundations that the team at Groendus have laid to accelerate the energy transition are seriously impressive."

Investment fund Meewind is another Groendus shareholder. With extensive knowledge and experience in energy transition, Meewind acts as an important sounding board for Groendus. The company has previously invested in other Groendus projects, such as an innovative solar park with almost 95,000 panels at the former landfill site, Bavelse Berg. Meewind also collaborated with Groendus on a solar power plant project along the A32, which ensured that the noise barrier along the motorway was given a sustainable purpose.

New investors
Pension administrator APG and Canadian OMERS Infrastructure announced on 18 May 2022 that they would acquire Groendus from NPM Capital and Meewind in the third quarter of 2022. A press release with more information can be found via the following link.

Jeroen de Haas
The chairman of Groendus' Supervisory Board is Jeroen de Haas, former Chief Executive at Eneco. His expertise and vision for the energy market is incredibly valuable to the organisation, while his renown speaks for itself, and his enthusiasm is contagious. Jeroen's many years of experience prove indispensable when selecting suitable candidates to expand the organisation.

Jeroen de haas gecomprimeerd en cropped

Core values

Who we are

Who we are

These are our most important values. This is what makes us Groendus.

1. Act
We are enterprising. We make it happen. We see opportunities and achieve our goals. We prefer to be hands on, rather than waiting for things to happen.

2. Sustainable
We strive for sustainable relationships – between both people and planet. Through conscious, future-oriented choices, we make the business case for sustainability.

3. Clear
Clean energy has never been as straightforward. At Groendus, we’re transparent and make things as clear as possible, whether we’re dealing with an agreement or clean energy content.

4. Smart
We are resourceful. We're continually looking for new solutions and better, smarter alternatives, driven by data and technology.