This is My.Groendus

Our online platform is where all your energy needs come together. For all our customers, this starts with Groendus Insights. This provides a clear overview of your energy consumption and savings opportunities. Any work you outsource to us appears on My.Groendus, meaning you're in total control of your energy usage and sustainability goals. You’re on your way to 100% clean energy.

This is My.Groendus

It all starts with reliable data

Our smart meters provide reliable metering data.

It all starts with reliable data
Smart meters for smart comparisons

Your energy consumption is automatically recorded

Understanding energy consumption starts with accurate and detailed usage data. My.Groendus reads data from all types of meters.

Do more than record your data

My.Groendus translates recorded data into concrete savings opportunities for your energy consumption. This is both good for sustainability and for your energy bill.

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Waste Alert! ⚠

Our intelligent Waste Alert raises the alarm when energy is being wasted and highlights what steps you can take to remedy the situation.

Waste Alert! ⚠

Take control of your energy management

Save time and money on energy administration.

Take control of your energy management
Get a hold of your energy costs

Automatic invoice checking

My.Groendus collates your organisation's water, gas, metering and energy bills, giving you a clear overview.

Never pay a penny extra

1 in 10 invoices contains an error. My.Groendus finds these errors and gets them amended by the relevant energy supplier.

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An overview of energy generation, consumption and your ambitions

Stay in control of your sustainable objectives.

An overview of energy generation, consumption and your ambitions
A summary to be proud of

Know how much you generate

Do you own solar panels? My.Groendus shows how much electricity you’re generating. Review how much you consume or sell, and just how much CO2 emissions you’re saving.

Your path to 100% renewable energy

Clear dashboards and reports mean you know exactly where you stand on your path to sustainability.

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Intelligent purchasing at just the right moment

Improve your purchasing position and save on energy costs.

Intelligent purchasing at just the right moment
Count your profits

One platform for insights, budget forecasting and contract management

My.Groendus shows you in real time what prices are available and what effect purchasing at these prices will have on your budget. We purchase intelligently on your behalf based on your actual consumption and operational planning.

Up to date with the latest market developments

Our specialists share the latest energy market information via My.Groendus and they're always available to offer purchasing decision advice.

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The Groendus Energy Marketplace

Trade renewable energy directly and locally using the Energy Marketplace. Achieve peace of mind that you’re using truly clean solar and wind energy while being independent from traditional energy suppliers.

The Groendus Energy Marketplace
Purchasing on the Energy Marketplace

Leading the way in sustainability

On the Energy Marketplace, you can buy and sell renewable energy directly to partners in your area. Automatically purchase the electricity your business needs from a sustainable producer near you. Together, we’re redesigning the energy sector to be sustainable to the core.

Discover the Energy Marketplace