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Charging points and solutions

Electric cars are selling like hot cakes, and you don't need a crystal ball to know that this trend will continue apace in the coming years. Groendus offers a smart and future-proof charging solution to answer this demand. It’s sustainable, financially attractive and offers your customers, employees and suppliers the green welcome they expect.

Charging points and solutions
Charging points for the new energy system
Smart and future-proof

Rent a charging point or entire charging station from Groendus for a competitive all-in monthly fee. Or make a sound investment and purchase your own charging point. We’ll guide you through whichever option you choose.

Electric charging technology is rapidly developing and charging points are becoming ever smarter to keep up with consumer demand. Today, innovative technology means you can charge at just the right moment; such as when you're generating your own energy or when energy prices are low. By leveraging this technology, you’re not only making the most of renewable energy, you're also balancing the load on the grid and being economical. We guarantee our future-proof charging points for 10 years.

We are also able to integrate these charging points into our other sustainability solutions, such as our solar carports and solar roofs. Get set for the future!

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Why choose Groendus charging?

The advantages

When you choose Groendus charging solutions, you're contributing to a sustainable future. This isn’t just good for the planet, it’s good for business too! In addition, by 2025 charging points will be obligatory for businesses. Groendus offers the complete solution, whether you’re at work or at home.

  • Quality and guarantee
    Our state-of-the-art charging points are top-quality and technologically advanced. Purchase worry-free, knowing they’re guaranteed for a minimum of 10 years.

  • Future-proof
    Your Groendus charging point facilitates the latest technologies, like load balancing. We make sure you meet both current and future requirements for charging points. Businesses undergoing any renovations or new building works are already required to install 1 charging point for every 10 parking spaces. From 2025, all businesses will be required to have at least 1 charging point for every 20 parking spaces.

  • Integration
    Groendus charging points can be fully integrated with all your other sustainability solutions, such as solar carports and solar roofs. Get set for the future.

  • Insights
    Our online charging portal gives you 24/7 access to all your charging points, both on-site and at employee homes. Our handy dashboard gives an overview of charging points and any associated details.

  • Your own charge key
    A branded employee charge key featuring your company logo. Our charge keys come in the shape of a drop and are easy to attach to your keyring. Let's get charging!

  • Charge anywhere
    When you choose Groendus charging solutions, you can rest assured that your employees, visitors, and suppliers will always leave your premises charged up and ready for anything.
Worry-free charging round the clock
The Groendus approach

Looking to install charging points in your car park? We’ll analyse your requirements and send you a proposal. Once you’re happy, we get to work. We’ll be by your side even after installation - our breakdown service is available round the clock. Now that’s worry-free charging!

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We like to make things easy for you
Straightforward online management
We like to make things easy for you

Our online platform makes things as simple as can be. Easily set tariffs, add employee charge cards, or review charging sessions. You’ll find all your financial records in one place, too. Nice and user-friendly. Can't figure something out? Our service team is here for you!

All new!
The Groendus charging solution for car dealerships and leasing companies

Groendus now offers leasing companies (e.g. Leaseplan Nederland) and car dealerships (e.g. Zeeuw & Zeeuw) the option to install home charging points for business drivers. Let your employees choose the charging point that suits them best, whether that's a wall charger or a free-standing charge point. Car charging can be managed using our app which shows the smartest and most sustainable charging period. Corporate customers can automatically settle any home charging costs with their employer.

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