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Arvato Bertelsmann

27.076solar panels
3.717tonCO₂ reduction
How it all began

The challenges

Arvato Bertelsmann manages logistics for several customers. The parent company's ambition is to be entirely climate neutral by 2030 and they’ve taken their first sustainable steps together with Groendus to make this happen.

How did we help?

Making smart use of the sun with 27,076 solar panels

Solar power

Two roofs with 27,076 powerful solar panels

Groendus installed a solar power plant with 27,076 solar panels on two roofs at Arvato Bertelsmann. Together, they generate an annual quantity of energy equivalent to the average annual consumption of 3,307 households.

CO₂ reduction

Less CO₂, more clean energy

By installing powerful solar panels on their roof, Arvato Bertelsmann now generates part of its energy consumption itself. This switch to green energy also directly reduces the organisation's carbon footprint by 3,717 tons every year. That’s pretty green, we’d say!


Clean energy on the Groendus Energy Marketplace

Arvato doesn’t consume all the power generated by their solar plant. As such, the company sells surplus power on the Groendus Energy Marketplace to subsidiary companies and other organisations in their area. Sales are based on hourly simultaneity, i.e. energy is generated and consumed within the hour by the customers available at that given moment.

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More about the Energy Marketplace
Grand opening

Spotlight on Arvato

We celebrated the opening of Arvato’s solar plant with Arvato themselves, the council and our build partner, Ikaros.


Watch the build

See how Arvato’s solar energy plant came to life.

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