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Holland Food Service partners with Groendus for 100% green energy

It’s time to be more sustainable

Holland Food Service is a true family business with a rich history. The company started as a grocer in 1892 and has since grown into a leading catering supplier for healthcare facilities. Each time the business has passed from father to son, there has been a significant addition. A new service. A new vision. And now, with the fourth generation at the helm, it was time for comprehensive sustainability.

Frank Kampschreur, General Manager, Holland Food Service: "It's my view that as a company you have a duty to do your bit to counteract the current climate and energy crisis. I’ve personally experienced that this is easier said than done. Just installing the solar plant proved to be a challenge due to both grid congestion and an expansion of our premises. I am pleased that together with Groendus we were able to realize a successful solar power plant."

Making feed-in possible

Making feed-in possible

Making feed-in possible

We’re generating ever increasing amounts of renewable energy in the Netherlands. This is a wonderful development, however it’s causing problems for the electricity grid. Overloading of the grid, or grid congestion, is occurring more often. In Wijchen, there’s limited capacity on the grid. Maximum feed-in capacity is 300KW, whereas a solar plant with 1,610 panels can generate 500KW.

To ensure the roof’s and power plant’s capacity are optimally utilized, Groendus implemented dynamic power regulation. This ensures that Holland Food Service can make full use of its own power generation. As soon as its own energy consumption reduces, the controller ensures that the maximum grid capacity is not exceeded.

Gunnar Larsen, Key Account Manager, Groendus: “We think in terms of options and like to look at what is possible with our customers. In practice, we’re able to find a solution for almost all challenges that present themselves. The beauty of this setup is that it triggers the consumer to approach energy very consciously. With the insight provided by the smart meters, we can direct as much power as possible at the precise moment of generation. The power plant is thus utilized to full effect and all possible expenses are spared. Moreover, the feed-in capacity can be easily adjusted once the congestion problems are resolved.”

En route to entirely green power

The solar plant should provide Holland Food Service with as much self-generated energy as possible. When self-generated energy is not available, Holland Food Service utilises the Groendus Energy Marketplace to access additional green energy.

Trading green energy on the Energy Marketplace

Trading green energy on the Energy Marketplace

Trading green energy on the Energy Marketplace

The Groendus Energy Marketplace connects supply and demand for green energy. For Holland Food Service, it makes sense to supplement their own solar power generation with wind energy. This is because at times when solar energy is not available, for example at night, wind energy is, by contrast, often available.

In turn, Holland Food Service can sell surplus solar energy on the marketplace to nearby organisations. This regional exchange of energy also helps prevent grid congestion.

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