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Energy management

The energy market is changing at lightning speed, but intelligent and flexible energy control can help us keep up. Groendus energy management controls energy sustainably, intelligently and cost-effectively.

Energy management
Intelligent management that’s sustainable and economical
What is Groendus energy management?

Groendus energy management enables companies to align their energy streams. Our platform uses the latest Internet of Things (IoT) technology. It controls devices that consume energy (such as electric cars) and those that generate and store energy (such as batteries, charging points and solar panels). Our platform takes a range of parameters into account, such as the amount of renewable energy available and daily market. Using this technology, businesses become more sustainable and gain deeper insights and control over their energy usage and the associated costs.

Want to find out more about this process, and whether this solution could work for you, too? Schedule a meeting with one of our experts. We’ll walk you through the options, present a case study for inspiration and answer any questions you might have.

*Believe us, smart energy management is interesting even if you don’t own a large solar plant with its own battery! Even if all you own is a single charging station, energy management gives you access to savings and will have a significant impact on your sustainability efforts. It's worth noting that energy-intensive systems such as thermal cooling installations and cold stores are also compatible with energy management.

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Energy optimisation

Groendus energy management offers real-time and in-depth understanding and solutions that optimise energy streams sustainably, intelligently and actively.

  • Better insights
  • Optimisation
  • Management
  • Big-data

Our hardware, software and interface are all closely tuned into each other and our customers.

  • Bidirectional IoT connections
  • Cloud platform
  • Webportal

Data security is a vital consideration. Groendus energy management takes all relevant precautions.

  • ISO27001
  • Communication of data
  • Data storage
  • Data security
Is energy management suitable for my business?

I’m here to talk you through Groendus energy management. Together, we’ll put together the perfect solution for your business. Find a time that suits you and we’ll get to work.

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Is energy management suitable for my business?