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Green energy procurement for local authorities

As a local authority, you are looking to increase renewable energy generation in your area. You are also purchasing local renewable energy for your own needs to encourage growth in this area. That’s because good acts often follow a good example. But how do you go about this if you are subject to public procurement requirements? Find out here!

Green energy procurement for local authorities
Dynamic Purchasing System

Dynamic and sustainable

More and more local authorities are looking to increase renewable energy generation as a result of the Dutch National Programme Regional Energy Strategy (RES). They are also looking to buy truly green energy for their own use. So how do these organisations achieve this if they are subject to public procurement requirements?

We have the answer everyone has been looking for: dynamic energy purchasing from entrepreneurs in your area in accordance with Europe’s Public Procurement Framework.

A 'Dynamic Purchasing System' (DAS) enables you to buy dynamically and locally. Using a DAS, you can conclude ongoing agreements to trade green energy in line with the EU’s Public Procurement Framework. The platform you need to use a DAS? The Energy Marketplace.

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How does the Energy Marketplace work as a DAS?

The Energy Marketplace can be used as a DAS because it facilitates direct trade between buyers and sellers. Supply and demand are linked according to hourly simultaneity, meaning renewable energy can be purchased as soon as it is generated.

Local authorities can use the platform to find out how much power was purchased and what the simultaneity scoring was. It also shows how much renewable energy was not consumed, and consequently, how much grey energy was required. With these insights, local authorities can adjust usage and fine-tune their requirements to those times when there is sufficient green, local energy available. Energy usage is therefore sourced more sustainably and locally.

How does the Energy Marketplace work as a DAS?
The benefits at a glance
Want to find out what benefits you can enjoy when you purchase through a DAS?
Innovative and truly sustainable.

Purchase truly sustainable energy

Realise your Regional Energy Strategy (RES)

Set your RES and associated targets in motion.

Encourage local energy generation

Local producers able to promote their supply which encourages local generation.

Local benefits

A notional surcharge is applicable according to how far away the source of supply is. This increases opportunity for local producers and encourages businesses to purchase energy ever closer to home.

Drive the energy transition forward

Craft your role as a local source of knowledge and inspiration.

Support local producers

Local producers can avoid paying a levy to traditional energy suppliers, therefore get a better price for their green energy.

Buying locally from 2023
North Holland goes for green
Buying locally from 2023

The province of North Holland with its seven municipalities will be the first in the Netherlands to innovatively purchase renewable energy in 2023. Haarlem, Zandvoort, Haarlemmermeer, Amstelveen, Aalsmeer, Uithoorn and Ouder-Amstel, waste processor Spaarnelanden, the Noord-Holland Archives and the Frans Hals Museum are all on board.

At the end of 2022, a tender was raised via TenderNed, which called on local producers of renewable energy. Read the press release here.

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In my role at Groendus, I speak to representatives of local authorities, provinces, and water boards on a daily basis. I’m here to explain the added value truly sustainable procurement can bring when working with a DAS - for local authorities and for the success of the energy transition in your local area. I can’t wait to hear from you.

Derk Jepma - Groendus

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