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Energy storage

Storing energy represents a key step towards 100% clean energy. We need green energy to be available even when the sun doesn’t shine, and the wind dies down.

Energy storage
Why store energy in batteries?
The best use of clean energy

We are generating an increasing amount of renewable energy, which is great… but this also means that there is an increasing number of times when there is surplus energy. There are also many, many periods when there isn’t sufficient renewable energy. With energy storage and smart energy management, you can use the solar energy you stored during the day to light up your nights. Or make use of wind energy when the wind drops.

Balancing supply and demand
Batteries balance out the supply and demand of renewable energy meaning you can use the energy you generate whenever you need. Plus, energy storage lightens the load on the electricity grid making it the perfect solution for businesses in grid-congested areas. It really is possible for you to grow sustainably, without having to expand your grid connection.

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Generate now, use later
Groendus energy storage
Generate now, use later
From demand-driven…
On-demand grey energy

Fossil fuels allow you to generate energy as and when it’s needed. Our traditional demand-driven energy system is founded upon this principle. Managing renewable energy generation is more complex. It’s not up to us when the sun shines or how hard the wind blows. That’s why we need to move towards an energy system which uses energy right when it is created. If there is a surplus of sustainably generated energy, then we must store it for use at a later date. After all, a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.

…to supply-driven
Green storage

Battery systems store generated energy for you to use when your demand outstrips supply. This helps you avoid purchasing power from the grid and saves you money. It also means you make better use of your grid connection capacity and helps prevent grid congestion.

There are a wide variety of batteries available, many different applications, and multiple revenue models for battery systems. Groendus is here to guide you to a suitable and cost-effective choice, so that your business is one step further on its sustainability journey.

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A 3MW super battery for Arvato

Groendus will soon install a 3MW battery for Arvato. This will enable the company to store energy generated by their 27,000+ solar panels for use when the sun isn’t high in the sky.

The battery will be able to store roughly 1,600 MWh of solar power every year. The company will then be able to make the best use of their own energy generation as well as their grid connection. This will reduce their need to use a great deal of energy from the grid, nor feed it in.

One of the ways the battery will be put to use is for the company’s electric fleet. The fleet’s lorries and cars are usually charged overnight, so under normal circumstances, the power required for this cannot come from the solar plant. However, thanks to the new super battery, there will always be sufficient electricity to charge their fleet overnight using their own 100% green electricity.

A 3MW super battery for Arvato
Fulfilling green ambitions
How we do it

Ready to install your battery? You’ve made a brilliant decision, and we can't wait to work with you.

We visit you onsite and walk you through all the requirements and options since there are many ways to use your battery. Are you entirely focused on sustainability? Are you looking for financial returns or to make the most of your grid connection? Or maybe you have a different objective in mind? Batteries also provide the perfect solution to limited grid connections as a back-up or emergency on-site power. Together, we find the perfect solution for your business.

Advice & guidance
Getting started with energy storage

Groendus offers advice and guidance on battery integration. We focus on battery installation for the corporate market. We calculate what the battery will generate and list out the technical preconditions. A battery solution can get to work right from the moment you place a 10ft container on your site and connect it to a transformer. If you require permits and permission from all parties involved, we’ll take care of that too.

A variety of options

We draw up a business case based on the technical specifications, grid connection and battery application. You then choose whether to make the investment yourself or let Groendus take care of the financing. Once the finance is in place we’ll get to work!

Battery installation
It's time to get stuck in.

Safe execution of the work required and coordination of all stakeholders involved is essential. We coordinate the perfect collaboration between you and your suppliers, installers, and the insurance company. We make sure that the battery poses no risks, i.e. installation causes minimal (or no) disruption to your organisation.

The realisation and delivery of this innovative form of energy storage is a great moment to be celebrated. With your help, we arrange an official opening and invite guests and the local press. We’ll also take some beautiful images for you to share far and wide.

Operation & management
Preventing wasted energy

Upon completion and connection to the grid, we will actively manage your battery operations. We ensure that all aspects run smoothly and that you have access to all the information you need. Working alongside our partners, we ensure that the battery performance is optimum. We also offer the option to link your battery to our intelligent energy management. We monitor charging and discharging and take care of battery maintenance. After all, issues and anomalies are missed opportunities, so we work to fix any problems as quickly as possible.

Want to find out how your battery is performing? Visit your My.Groendus dashboard for a summary packed with useful insights.

Groendus battery storage advantages
Less waiting, more trailblazing

1. Unlimited access to 100% clean energy.

2. Groendus always on hand to offer help and advice.

3. Together, we ensure a profitable business case.

Start today

Turn your frozen peas into a battery

When you think of energy storage, you probably just think of a battery. But there are multiple ways to store energy for use at a later date. You can repurpose what you already have, such as a swimming pool, a cold store, a heat pump or your air conditioning unit. Any heating and cooling devices that do not require a constant temperature can serve as a buffer tank for energy management.

Your frozen peas really can become a battery! Or your ice water silo a buffer tank. This is precisely what we did at Hessing Supervers! Intrigued how we went about it? Watch the video below or read their account.

Ice water silos buffer energy and prevent feed-in to the grid.

Europe's most sustainable fresh produce factory

The profitable business case for batteries

In an ideal world, renewable energy would be available all day long. Sadly, the sun doesn’t always shine and at times, there isn’t the faintest gust of wind. For this reason, energy storage is an inescapable prerequisite for a well-functioning and sustainable energy system. Want to find out more? Get in touch below.

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The profitable business case for batteries