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Metering services

Stable and reliable metering data is the foundation for a future-proof energy system. The metering device you use really does matter. As a corporate energy consumer, you have a legal obligation when it comes to metrology, so the Meetbedrijf by Groendus is here to help. We turn your business’s legal obligation into a sustainable opportunity.

Metering services
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Het Meetbedrijf
Het Meetbedrijf

To establish a sustainable and affordable energy strategy, reliable usage data is essential. That’s why Groendus has invested in an in-house metering system: Het Meetbedrijf. This is where all our metering services come together. We measure more than 150,000 meters each day to help our customers save both electricity and money.

Want to know more about our metering services? Scroll down for more info or visit our website: Het Meetbedrijf.


Cheaper smart meters and metering services
Smart meters
Reliable readings

Our smart meters generate reliable metering data. When you’re identifying potential savings, accurate metering data is the first step. We precisely measure your energy consumption and share this data with your grid operator, meaning you only pay for the energy you actually use.

A wide choice of meters
Use the right meter for your business

We offer an extensive range of meters. We sell main meters, submeters and intermediate meters, suitable for both electricity and gas. What if I generate electricity at my premises using solar panels? Then we’ll use a meter suitable for gross metering. When you work with Groendus, you’ll know exactly how much electricity you generate.

Energy consumption per site
Intermediate meters for better data

Need to see how your energy consumption varies per site, or even per area? Intermediate meters are the answer. Suitable for both gas and electricity metering.

My.Groendus metering data
Everything you need in one place

All metering data we record will appear in your My.Groendus account, along with all your other Groendus products and services. Your personalised online dashboard displays an overview of all the energy you consume and allows you to drill down for more detail helping you identify any savings opportunities.

My.Groendus metering data
Tell me more about My.Groendus
Your trusted partner
Robust and reliable

We strongly believe you are entitled to access your usage data, and that this should be based on reliable and precise meter readings. After all, these are the foundations of a future-proof energy system.

Het Meetbedrijf provides metering services in line with “Measurement Code” set out by the Netherlands Authority for Consumers and Markets (ACM). Het Meetbedrijf is ISO certified and accredited by TenneT.

Het Meetbedrijf – the right move
Working together towards 100% clean energy

Take a sustainable leap forward with Het Meetbedrijf metering services:

- You are guaranteed to receive a good deal

- Receive accurate and reliable usage data.

- Never worry again about metering system maintenance.

- Speak to our informed and passionate team about any queries you have.

- Switching to Het Meetbedrijf is quick and easy and we’ll hold your hand every step of the way. Continue working while our meters are being installed - no need to be offline.

Cheaper smart meters and metering services

When you use Het Meetbedrijf's metering services, you can enjoy the benefits of a faster service, better insights and reduced costs. We provide a wide range of mains, sub- and intermediate meters to measure electricity, gas and more.

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