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Groendus acquires Powerd and extends its comprehensive solution for sustainable energy

Sustainable energy company Groendus announced the acquisition of Powerd today. Powerd offers intelligent charging solutions for electric cars.

Sustainable energy company Groendus announced the acquisition of Powerd today. Powerd offers intelligent charging solutions for electric cars. With an advanced software platform and smart charging stations, Powerd allows customers getting to grips with sustainable mobility. This aligns perfectly with Groendus' portfolio and contributes to its mission to make clean and affordable energy accessible for everyone. With the acquisition, Groendus strengthens its position as a provider of integrated sustainable energy solutions. Electric charging is an important pillar of the comprehensive solution.

Optimal use of green energy
Electric driving is essential on our road to sustainable mobility. With smart charging solutions, companies can reduce the emissions of their electric fleet even further. Powerd offers a complete online and white label solution for electric charging. Moreover, they provide smart technology for charging vehicles at the best times. This enhances the use of green energy, while it maintains the balance on the grid and is more cost-effective. An important step towards the energy system of the future.

With the acquisition of Powerd, Groendus strengthens its comprehensive renewable energy solution.

René Raaijmakers - CEO Groendus:
"We work towards a future in which everyone uses sustainably generated energy smartly and efficiently. That’s why we help our customers to save, generate, use and trade energy as sustainably as possible. Digitisation of energy management plays a crucial part in this. Powerd's advanced mobility platform and their e-mobility knowledge will contribute greatly to smart timing of energy consumption in our customers' operations. This is, for example, an important element in using self-generated solar power efficiently. We are very excited about this addition to our services and warmly welcome our new customers and colleagues to Groendus!"

Future-proof energy solutions
Powerd provides its services (from charging station installation and -management to smart charging) both to companies and, through companies, to EV-drivers at home. The latter also makes it a valuable addition to Groendus' portfolio, which so far mainly focused on business locations in the Netherlands.

Powerd was founded in 2020. LeasePlan Netherlands, one of the company’s founders, is still a loyal customer of Powerd.

Pieter Willems - Managing Director and co-founder of Powerd:
"Powerd has set a new standard for business mobility. We use the electric car as a building block for the transition to renewable energy. We are proud of what we established: a wide-ranging technology platform for smart electric charging and a well-appreciated service. Our customers can count on us to continue delivering that quality under the Groendus banner. But our sustainable ambitions extend further. In Groendus we  found a robust party that matches our goal of offering customers the complete energy ecosystem: from self-generation and purchase to storage and use of sustainable energy. That is definitely going to increase our joint impact."