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Groendus and HyET Solar join forces to help make businesses more sustainable with innovative solar foil

Groendus and HyET Solar partner exclusively to advance flexible solar foil projects for commercial roof structures. HyET's innovative solar cells are extremely lightweight and flexible making them ideal for companies with light-structure roofs or irregular surfaces. Thanks to this cooperation between HyET Solar and Groendus, Dutch businesses will benefit from the many solar foil advantages, without facing significant investment costs.

Dutch trailblazers in sustainability

Groendus and HyET Solar have signed an exclusive partnership to advance solar foil projects on commercial roof structures. Thanks to this partnership, companies will reap the benefits of renewable energy generated on their own premises, without needing to make a significant investment in the installation process and without needing to strengthen existing roof structures. When combined with Groendus’ energy storage and management solutions and the Groendus Energy Marketplace, customers will make the most of the benefits available from renewable energy consumption.

HyET Solar's solar foil is an entirely Dutch innovation. Thanks to its lightweight and flexible properties, a wide range of applications are suitable – applications which cannot be addressed by standard glass solar panels. The foil is also ATEX certified guaranteeing added safety and making the foil suitable for use in potentially explosive atmospheres. This opens up new markets involving industrial surfaces normally unsuitable for solar power generation. In addition, these solar cells are significantly more environmentally friendly than their standard counterparts. The carbon footprint per watt-peak of solar foil is up to 80% less than traditional solar panels. The foil is also made of 99% recyclable plastic, meaning no glass, aluminium or silicone needs to be brought in from outside Europe.

These flexible solar cells are already in use at Vopak, an early investor in this technology. With Vopak as a customer, HyET Solar constitutes a market leader in this sector. Both Groendus and HyET Solar hope that their exclusive partnership will contribute significantly to the energy transition.

René Raaijmakers (left) and Rombout Swanborn (right)
René Raaijmakers (left) and Khalid Saleh (right)

Sustainable energy for all

We are extremely pleased to be collaborating with HyET Solar. It is brilliant progress for this Dutch innovation” says René Raaijmakers, CEO of Groendus. “There are many customers who would like to generate their own renewable energy, however not all businesses have premises with roofs suitable for traditional solar panels. By partnering with HyET, we will help these companies make their energy consumption more sustainable, while reducing their energy costs.”

Our partnership with Groendus is an important step in the Dutch energy transition" says Rombout Swanborn, CEO of HyET Solar. “We are confident that by combining our innovative solar foil with Groendus’ expertise in financed installation projects, we will pave the way for companies to convert their roofs into sources of renewable energy. Moreover, we are proud that two Dutch companies are delivering this sustainable innovation to the market.”