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Siebren Zijlstra new CFO at Groendus

Siebren Zijlstra will join Groendus as Chief Financial Officer from 1 April. Alongside CEO Robert van der Hoeven, he will form the statutory board of the renewable energy company. He succeeds Daan Bouwman, who will step down from Groendus on 31 March. Siebren has extensive experience in the energy sector and served as CFO of Groenleven.

Striving for 100% renewable energy within a single generation

Siebren Zijlstra brings a wealth of knowledge and experience spanning 25 years in the energy sector. As the former CFO of Groenleven, he played a key role in bolstering renewable energy generation in the Netherlands. Prior to this, he was head of Strategy, M&A and Business Development at TenneT for many years, making him one of the driving forces behind the growth and development of the national grid operator. Siebren has already been engaged with Groendus in the capacity of a supervisory director.

Siebren Zijlstra:

“I am confident that we can eliminate fossil fuels within a single generation. Achieving this goal demands an integrated approach, which is why I am so enthusiastic about the Groendus vision as it tackles precisely this element. I look forward to working together with all of my colleagues to make the energy system of the future a reality."

Building on sustainable success in collaboration with Kenter

The appointment of Siebren Zijlstra has received unanimous support from the Supervisory Board and shareholders APG and OMERS.

Robert van der Hoeven, CEO of Groendus, welcomes Zijlstra's arrival with confidence: "I am very pleased to welcome Siebren as CFO of Groendus. With his knowledge, experience and enthusiasm, he is sure to make a significant contribution to strengthening the foundation and growth of Groendus. Moreover, his involvement will greatly enhance collaborative efforts with Kenter.”