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Ensure yourself of affordable and truly clean energy through our Energy Marketplace.

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€113,81€111,21€108,44€119,751 year5 years10 years15 yearsAverage pricesfor real-time simultanenity
465.470 kWh

Simultaneous green energy via our Energy Marketplace. Profit now!

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Sell renewable energy direct to local business.

Secure favourable prices for your sustainably generated wind power. When you use the Energy Marketplace you can trade direct with sustainable energy customers in your region. Now that’s sustainable and lucrative. Easily recoup the cost of your green investment.

Sell renewable energy direct to local business.
Honest rates, honest energy.
From now on, you’re in control of energy sales.

You're the proud owner of one or more wind turbines or maybe you own an entire wind park. One thing is for sure - you’re doing your bit for the energy transition and you’re certain that renewable energy is the future. You also want a return from your sustainable investment, but often find you’ve drawn the short straw.

Poor energy prices on the wholesale market are increasingly common. Suddenly you find yourself paying to supply green energy or facing the alternative of switching off your turbine. That's yet another missed opportunity for a clean energy system. The Groendus Energy Marketplace sets you free from the fickle market and provides a level of certainty when it comes to your wind energy revenue.

Enter into direct Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) with green energy purchasers, avoiding involvement with traditional energy suppliers. The Energy Marketplace automatically matches your supply with potential customers based on your simultaneity score. Once you’re matched, you set the price and the duration of the PPA, helping you realise a reliable and sound sustainable business case. Now that’s smart and green!

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The Groendus Energy Marketplace

Where renewable energy supply and demand meet

Why choose The Groendus Energy Marketplace?

  • Sell the green electricity you generate

  • Set your own asking price

  • Enter into fixed or variable contracts

  • Set ceiling and floor prices

  • Partner with suppliers in your local area

  • Distribute the power you generate across your own sites

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Joining is quick and easy
Step 1: Join us
Receive a tailor-made business proposal

Excited about the Energy Marketplace, but unsure about the exact options and benefits for your organisation? We’ll prepare a tailor-made business proposal to answer all your questions and help you understand just what to expect when you work with us.

We’ll base our proposal on a simulation using your own generation data, consumption, and costs. Once you're happy, we’ll set up your account and enter your energy generation details, and then you're ready to use our platform.

I’m ready to receive my tailor-made business proposal
Step 2: Find the perfect match
We’ll match you based on simultaneity

Using our intelligent algorithms, the Energy Marketplace matches your organisation's energy generation with one or more of our purchasers. We look for matches with the highest possible simultaneity score.

You’re in total control of which match works for you and how you use our platform to trade renewable energy.

If you need advice on pricing or your sales strategy, just ask our portfolio team.

Step 3: Trade clean and green
Truly green energy that’s direct and local

Once you've selected a good match for your business, delivery can start. You can be sure that from this moment on, you’re trading clean and green!

We automatically record all exchange agreements in a contract and take care of financial administration and invoicing. Now that we are up and running, we can help you increase your simultaneity score by optimising matches and considering additional solutions, such as energy management and storage.

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3 simple steps at the Energy Marketplace
Joining is quick and easy

Being part of the Energy Marketplace means you automatically sell the energy generated by your wind turbine(s). Your contracts are with purchasers in your local area.

Can’t find a purchaser for your energy?

You’ll automatically sell your energy on the wholesale energy market.

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Hedin Automotive puts farm's wind energy to good use.

Jan van Bavel’s arable farm harvests wind as well as grains and vegetables. Jan's wind turbine generates more than enough energy for his own purposes, so any energy he can’t use, he sells direct to Hedin Automotive via the Energy Marketplace.

Smart strategies for competitive sales

Quotations and prices

At the Energy Marketplace, buyers and sellers agree prices direct. There are 3 ways to do this:

1. Fixed price
2. Variable price, EPEX
3. Variable price with ceiling and floor

Want to know where you stand?
Go for a fixed price.

Want to take advantage of daily price fluctuations?
Choose a variable price.

Or choose both!
Set a fixed price you can rely on, while taking advantage of favourable market conditions. Price ceilings and floors allow you to limit any risk, while also ensuring that solar and energy production do not come to a standstill when daily market prices are sky high.

Our portfolio team will be happy to advise you on price and purchase strategies.

Get advice from our portfolio team

Want to make smart decisions when selling your renewable energy?

I’ll talk you through all the best options when selling your wind energy on the Energy Marketplace. Together, we’ll put together the perfect solution for your business. Find a time that suits you and we’ll get to work.

Derk Jepma – Groendus

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Want to make smart decisions when selling your renewable energy?