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10,000 charging stations: a milestone for Groendus and LeasePlan Netherlands

Groendus and LeasePlan Netherlands have been collaborating on smart charging solutions for lease drivers for over three years. That cooperation has now been extended for two years. A joyous event, coinciding with another great milestone. The 10,000th charging station was installed at the home of a lease car driver this week.

Joining forces for sustainability

LeasePlan Netherlands wants to make it as easy as possible for companies to electrify their fleet. Smart charging solutions are therefore an important part of their electric mobility offering. Together with Groendus, LeasePlan has invested strongly in digitalisation in recent years. Result: both companies and their employees get a grip on sustainable mobility.

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Focus on benefits

Groendus installs charging stations for LeasePlan both in company car parks and at the homes of lease car drivers. They have already installed 10,000 charging stations. Via Groendus' smart platform, LeasePlan's customers manage their electric vehicle fleet with ease. Groendus' smart software also makes it possible to charge at the most beneficial moments. Moments with a lot of own renewable energy generation, for example. Or moments with low energy prices.

Pioneers in electrification

Maartje van Tongeren, Director Service Delivery LeasePlan Netherlands: "Everyone knows that electric driving is the future. But you have to remember that this trend started only 10 years ago and has really taken off in the last three or four years. So it is still pioneering to electrify a fleet of cars. We experienced this ourselves when all LeasePlan Nederland employees switched to electric driving. Groendus is a partner we stand shoulder to shoulder with in this journey. Like us, they consider innovation and a good customer experience of paramount importance. That works well together and it ensures that we can serve our customers optimally again."

Sustainability mix of businesses

Dennis Klinker, Groendus Charging: "We have focused on a seamless customer experience in the past years. For example, we developed an online intake where lease drivers can already indicate their preferences for home installation. That positive customer experience will of course remain the focus. But we take it further. We offer smart charging and payment. With that, charging is tailored to moments with low electricity prices and automatically settled with the employer. We are also increasingly applying energy management at business locations by combining our charging stations with other energy assets. Think solar panels, batteries or other energy-intensive equipment. In this way, e-mobility becomes an even more important part of the sustainability mix for companies."

Want to know more about smart charging?

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Want to know more about smart charging?