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Multipurpose spaces

The need for sustainably generated energy is increasing at a rapid pace, however space for renewable projects is limited. Will this stand in the way of progress? No way! The answer is to make intelligent use of the space available. Groendus has already applied this logic method across several projects. Let’s look at some of our best examples of spaces that have been well thought out to create innovative, multipurpose areas.

Multipurpose spaces
Competition for scarce outdoor space

The municipality of Breda is committed to green energy on their journey towards sustainability. Outdoor space is scarce however, making construction of large solar parks tricky.

Caring for nature

Staatsbosbeheer (the Dutch Forestry Commission) makes sites available for large-scale solar and wind power generation. Sadly, sites such as this are scarce and renewable projects can only take place where nature and the environment allow.

Less CO₂, more biodiversity
Business park Laarberg

Business park Laarberg wanted to make their surrounding area more sustainable in a smart way. A key requirement here was that the solution found had to add value to both the business park and the surrounding nature.

Sustainability that doesn’t impact protected areas

The Bloemendaal municipality boasts many protected nature reserves, or so-called ‘Natura2000’ areas. Unfortunately, wind turbines and large solar power plants are prohibited in these areas. Despite this, the municipality was looking for a way to generate clean energy.

Make your space multipurpose

There’s often more room for sustainability than you realise, especially if you double the space you have. Have you considered installing solar panels on your:

  • Company roof
  • Car park
  • Garage
  • Fruit plantation
  • Sound barrier
  • Livestock site

We’ll help you reimagine the space you have!

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What’s the best way to generate your own energy?