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Solar carports

Own a large car park? Want to become more sustainable? Then a solar carport is the solution for you. Solar carports contribute to a green future, are attractive to visitors and employees, and make appealing investments.

Solar carports
The key benefits of Groendus solar carports
  • Offer a green welcome.
  • Generate entirely green electricity and save significantly on energy costs.
  • Raise your profile with integrated charging points while you still can. (From 2025, these will be a mandatory requirement).
  • Enjoy additional financial returns by selling surplus power on the Groendus Energy Marketplace.
  • Provide customers and employees with high-end, covered & desirable parking
1. Feasibility study (technical and financial)

Our feasibility study clarifies whether a solar carport is a viable investment for your organisation. We offer advice tailored to your unique circumstances. This isn’t a lengthy and complex report you have to wade through, however; we provide a clear summary of the technical options, predicted results, and the costs and returns expected. We weigh up the careful balance between sustainable ambition and viable business case.

2. Define the cooperation

We offer a variety of cooperation and financing options. Are you funding your solar carport, or would you prefer to lease or rent these from Groendus? We offer comprehensive solutions for both scenarios.

3. Permits and subsidies

We specialise in applying for the necessary permits and subsidies. To ensure a viable business case, we make use of national subsidy schemes, such as the Stimulating Sustainable Energy Production (SDE++). We will take care of grant applications for you.

4. Design

Once you've received the necessary go-aheads, we move on to designing the solar carport. We provide a detailed and reliable development plan and coordinate with the various stakeholders. We have good supplier relationships and take care of procurement for you. Where necessary, we’re happy to issue tenders on your behalf.

5. The build

During construction, we continually monitor and review work completed and make any necessary adjustments. We ensure that the project goes smoothly and arrange independent inspections upon completion. After your plant is connected to the grid, the first rays of sun will be converted into electricity. Bring on the sun!

6. Management & maintenance

Our Asset Management team ensures that the solar carport and charging points perform optimally throughout their lifetime.

Every green step counts
Look before you leap

Installing a solar carport represents a unique undertaking. One that as market leaders, we’re both good at and get really excited about.

We offer advice and experience during installation, right through to lifetime maintenance. We’ll guide you every step of the way.

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The perfect example
Solar carports in Bloemendaal aan Zee

Beaches and dunes in this region are protected nature zones. As such, space to generate clean energy is limited. Solar carports proved to be the ideal solution to increase sustainability in this area. Up to 5,000 solar panels are used to generate green electricity for 600 households a year. The carports offer 800 parking spaces with 30 charging points. These days, both beach visitors, and their cars, are refreshed and recharged after a visit to the sun, sea and sand.

Zonnecarport Bloemendaal aan Zee
What’s the best way to generate your own energy?

I’ll talk you through all the best ways to achieve your sustainable goals, while also saving money. Together, we’ll put together the perfect solution for your business. Find a time that suits you and we’ll get to work.

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What’s the best way to generate your own energy?