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Energy markets are under intense pressure, and this is leading to extremely high energy prices. With your own solar power plant on your company roof or site, you gain independence from the energy market and save directly on your energy bill. This is a viable investment, especially if you make use of the SDE++ subsidy. Interested in how it all works? Keep reading!

Financially attractive sustainability with the SDE++ subsidy

The government is looking to stimulate renewable energy production with the SDE++ subsidy. SDE is short for Stimulating Renewable Energy production. This subsidy makes it possible for entrepreneurs and organisations to produce their own renewable energy and emit less CO₂.

An SDE++ subsidy application is a major step towards generating your own green electricity profitably. We prepare your application with no strings attached. Once your subsidy is awarded, you have a minimum of two years to put your application plans into practice. If your project turns out to be impossible or undesirable for any reason, the government will withdraw your subsidy, with no further consequences. You won’t face any fees from Groendus either.

We have more than 10 years of experience and have already built more than 350 solar power plants in the Netherlands. Moreover, we offer to take on the investment for you, so that a solar plant literally costs you nothing.

An SDE subsidy made it possible for us to install more than 27,000 powerful solar panels. This reduced our annual carbon footprint by 3,171 tonnes.
Marcel Orth, Operations Excellence Manager Arvato Bertelsmann
How we handle SDE++ subsidy applications
Timing is everything

We’re often asked whether subsidy applications are time consuming. If you work with us to submit your application, it hardly takes you any time at all. However, it does need to be done in time. There is only one round for subsidies each year, so timing is crucial. If you would like to benefit from your own solar energy plant, the following steps will ensure a successful application.

1. Installation plan

Our installation plan calculates the number of panels we can install and how much renewable energy this will supply.

2. Consultation

We discuss your plan over the phone to make sure it ticks all your (future) wishes and goals.

3. Authorisation

You give us authorisation to submit your application using an authorisation form from the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO).

4. Filing your application

We complete your grant application, make sure all documents are in order and submit the application.

5. What comes next?

We’ll find out whether the application has been successful within 13 weeks. We’ll schedule time to celebrate your successful application and discuss the next steps!

Why outsource my grant application?
Achieve your sustainable ambitions
Why outsource my grant application?

Applying for a subsidy involves a great deal of work and expertise. Have you carried out a feasibility study? Do you have the necessary permits? Do you have sufficient feed-in capacity? These are all questions we can help you with. If you work with us to submit your application, you’ll benefit from:

  1. An accurate and timely subsidy application
  2. More time and less research on your part
  3. A better chance of being awarded the subsidy
  4. A partner who can immediately get to work on your solar power plant
  5. An ally to help you with all your other sustainable solutions

Yes, I want to submit an SDE++ application