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Solar roof

Sunshine - an inexhaustible source of renewable energy. A solar power plant on your organisation's roof contributes to a better climate, is a worthwhile investment and is attractive to customers, associates and employees. Your solar plant doesn't have to cost you a penny, it could even make you money.

Solar roof
1. Financial and technical feasibility
Make a smart investment decision

Gain insight into the technical and financial feasibility of your potential solar power plant. With our clear and custom advice, you’ll be sure to make a smart investment.

SDE subsidies mean a profitable solar plant is a real possibility. We take care of subsidy applications for you. We gather the necessary information using a detailed plan and feasibility study and organise permits and party consent too. We go to great lengths to ensure that your grant stands the greatest chance of success. That’s because once you receive the go-ahead, we can get down to work for you!

SDE++ subsidy
2. Define the cooperation
Becoming sustainable – to invest or not to invest

We offer various forms of cooperation and financing. Whether you are personally investing in solar roof panels or leasing or renting the solar plant from us, we offer comprehensive solutions.

3. Installing solar power plants
Turning the first rays of sun into clean energy

It’s time to get stuck in. Safe execution of the work required and coordination of all the stakeholders involved is essential. This includes suppliers, installers, local residents and insurance companies. We ensure that the solar plant does not pose any risks, i.e. installation causes minimal (or no) disruption to your organisation.

When the solar power plant is complete, it’s definitely time to celebrate. We’ll arrange an official opening together and invite guests and the local press. We’ll organise for stunning aerial images to be taken, so you can proudly share them far and wide. Once your plant is connected to the grid, the first rays of sun will be converted into electricity. Bring on the sunshine!

4. Maintenance & management
Prevent wasted energy

Installing a solar power plant is a great leap forward, however the maintenance and management of a solar plant is similarly important. Our Asset Management team ensures that your solar plant performs optimally. We monitor the energy being produced and cover all aspects of maintenance. Faults and defects mean wasted clean energy, so we work to fix these issues immediately.

Interested how much energy your plant is producing? View solar panel productivity on your My.Groendus dashboard.

Solar roof advantages
Solar power as a profitable business case
  1. Your business will run on 100% clean energy.
  2. Self-generation is more economical than purchasing electricity.
  3. Groendus will be with you every step of the way - from your first grant application right through to completion.
By 2030, we hope to be entirely climate neutral. We’ve taken the first sustainable steps towards this goal with Groendus by our side.
Arvato Bertelsmann
What’s the best way to generate your own energy?

I’ll talk you through how solar panels can help you achieve your sustainable goals, while also saving money. Together, we’ll put together the perfect solution for your business. Find a time that suits you and we’ll get to work.

Derk Jepma - New Business Developer

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What’s the best way to generate your own energy?