Groendus is your new energy network

The need to protect our planet is now accepted as a universal truth. Today, the better management of our natural resources and energy consumption is even discussed in boardrooms. Companies, governments and non-profits are more willing than ever to make sustainable changes to the way we live and work. But where does that journey to sustainability start? What are your options and who can you turn to for help? The answer is Groendus.

Groendus is the new energy network for organisations located in the Netherlands. We were founded in March 2021 after the merger of five leading companies in renewable energy: CT Energy, Ealyze, Greenspread, Rooftop Energy and Solaris Industria. So far, we’ve helped more than 1,000 companies, municipalities and institutions on their way to 100% renewable energy.

Our team (made up of 100 enthusiastic colleagues) works across the entire country. To date, we’ve added more than 150 MWp solar capacity and created more than 42,000 energy connections to our Mijn Groendus platform. We’ve also linked around 100 business locations with producers of renewable energy via the Groendus Energy Marketplace. This enables producers and buyers to trade in energy without the intervention of a traditional energy company.

We like to think that the best way to predict our planet’s future is to create it ourselves. So that’s what we’re doing. We’re thinking ahead to move forward. Want to join us?

How does it work?

Our aim is clear: to obtain 100% clean energy for every organisation in the Netherlands, including yours. But the road to sustainability is not the same for everyone, which is why you’ll get your very own sustainable roadmap if you work with us. Whether you want to save, generate and/or buy and sell renewable energy, we’ll use data-driven insights and smart technology to find you the perfect clean energy mix.

Of course, there’s a lot involved in providing 100% clean energy. Fortunately, we offer all the services you need to make your organisation more sustainable, from advising you on regulations and government subsidies to maintaining your wind turbines and solar panels. Think you’re too small or in the wrong place to use our services? No matter the size or location of your organisation, you have opportunities to invest in and make use of solar and wind energy.

Generate, store and trade in renewable energy

Use the power of the sun and wind to generate and store your own clean energy. Perhaps solar panels on your roof, a wind turbine on your land or a commercial battery energy storage system. Any of these could attract a government subsidy. What’s more, you’d be saving money and saving the Earth from climate change.

Focus on simultaneity. Consuming the energy that you need at the same time that it’s generated by renewable (preferably local) energy sources is a great way to drastically reduce energy consumption and increase energy efficiency. Want to avoid wasting your renewable energy? Use smart meters and our alarm system to detect wastage and to make changes that prevent it from happening again.

Gain more control over your clean energy and reduce your costs with the Groendus Energy Marketplace. If you generate more than you need, you can provide others with 100% clean energy. Likewise, if you ever need additional electricity, you can buy locally from other organisations in your region. And you can do all this without the intervention of a traditional energy company.

Why do we need a new energy system?

It’s time for fundamental changes to our energy system. World leaders are now setting net zero emission targets. At the same time, the demand for electricity is increasing, whether it’s to drive our electric cars or heat our homes. This presents new challenges because the rapidly increasing supply of renewable energy is weather dependent and therefore volatile.

A mismatch of supply, demand and timing results in the use of fossil fuels when renewable energy is simply not available. Much of the solution lies in consuming energy as it is being generated by renewable energy sources. But an alternative, more integrated approach is needed if we’re going to achieve this.

At Groendus, we believe it is now time to think and act differently. To stimulate the energy transition that our country—and our planet—needs, we’re combining robust energy data with an integrated approach. By bringing together a number of important disciplines, we have given ourselves the ability to build on the success of existing sustainable energy companies. René Raaijmakers, CEO of Groendus, explains it like this:

“Awareness of CO2 emissions and the need for sustainability is growing among business people and government officials. However, until now, there has been no one single organisation that’s looked into making energy use more sustainable—at least from an integrated perspective. At Groendus, all those necessary elements come under one roof. This is how we’re helping the business community follow its own path to 100% clean energy—step by step.”

Our core values

These are the values that define Groendus:

  • Do

We are entrepreneurial. We just do it. We see opportunities and turn our ideas into reality. No production of bulky reports, just rolling up our sleeves. By thinking ahead, we move forward.

  • Sustainable

We strive for lasting relationships with people and the planet. We make sustainability a business case by making conscious, future-oriented choices.

  • Transparent

We make renewable energy simple and understandable. We make sure everything is as clear as possible, whether it concerns contracts or questions about clean energy.

  • Smart

We are resourceful and continuously looking for solutions. Driven by data and technology, we find better and smarter alternatives.

Our logo is our inspiration – explaining the blue dot

The inspiration behind our blue logo is a famous quote by astronomer Carl Sagan. In 1990, Carl wanted a photo of Earth taken by the spacecraft Voyager 1 as it was leaving the solar system. Taken more than 6 billion kilometres away, this photo depicts our planet as a tiny blue dot. This popular photo was captioned by Sagan:

That's here.

That's home.

That’s us.

On it everyone you love,

Everyone you know,

Everyone you've ever heard of,

Every human being that ever was.

That blue, fragile sphere has inspired us, which is why it became our logo. We have to look after our planet. Not tomorrow, but today. Will you join us?

Our newest campaign

Do I have your attention now? Good!

We need to talk about the energy crisis. Energy transition, network congestion, GO’s. I know it sounds complicated. However, making your company more sustainable is often easier and more profitable than you might think. In our newest camaign dutch TV presentor Nicolette Kluijver dived into a bathtub to grab your attention and tell you how to become more sustainable. Check out the video below.