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€113,81€111,21€108,44€119,751 year5 years10 years15 yearsAverage pricesfor real-time simultanenity
465.470 kWh

Simultaneous green energy via our Energy Marketplace. Profit now!

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Groendus has extensive experience completing solar projects for companies. Our knowledge of the supplier market and the associated project risks, allow us to carry out projects, on average, 10% more cost-efficiently than parties doing this on a one-off basis. Would you like to work with us? There’s three ways you can.

100% green energy. 100% self-generated.

Before you can enjoy a roof full of solar panels, there’s quite a lot of work to be done. We have already built 175 MWp of solar installations across the Netherlands and we’re delighted to use our experience to successfully deliver your solar plant.

Choose the method that suits you best

1. Roof rental
Sustainability without the investment.

2. Roof rental + Energy Marketplace
The same as above but with extra benefits.

3. Delegated development
Investing in a solar power plant.

Want to know more?
Want to know more?

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